Malaysian Facebook users praise Rapid KL for handling Cheras stray dog on train with care

Melanie Chalil
The stray dog scurried into the 8.24am train at the LRT Miharja Station yesterday. ― Screengrab via Facebook/Elyana Nadia

PETALING JAYA, Aug 14 ― Malaysian social media users lavished praise on Rapid KL and auxiliary police (AP) for how they handled a situation after a stray dog was among passengers who boarded a train at the LRT Miharja Station yesterday.

Following an apology issued by Rapid KL for causing anxiety and inconvenience to passengers, Facebook users commended both parties for proceeding calmly without harming the canine.

“Good job to the AP and all the involved crew or passengers. From what I read, this is nicely done,” wrote Ng Chan Chong.

“Thank you for being so nice to the stray dog,” added Siu Yan Yap, while user Muhammad Hasbullah thanked the transportation network for not “killing the dog.”

Facebook users commended Rapid Rail for not harming the canine. ― Screengrab via Facebook/RapidKL

Other social media users chose to see the funny side of the incident, asking if the dog purchased a token for its train ride.

“How cute, did it buy a token?” asked Mazliza Aini to which Rao Rallapilli replied, “Maybe it used the RFID chip”, using the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification.

Facebook user Mohd Zaify Roslan echoed the enquiry if the adventurous pooch paid for its fare from Miharja to Pandan Jaya.

Taking the mickey out the situation, Rapid KL Facebook administrators responded, “Actually, we wanted it to show its token but it got away.”

Some users hilariously asked if the stray bought a ticket to board the train. ― Screengrab via Facebook/RapidKL

According to the media release, the dog managed to enter the station because LRT Miharja was an at-grade station that could be accessed by animals, including strays.

When the AP arrived, the stray dog scurried into the 8.24am train and it was followed on board quietly to avoid causing commotion.

After they managed to get the dog to alight at LRT Pandan Jaya Station, it was captured humanely and released safely.

In the statement, RapidKL thanked passengers for remaining calm and collected during the incident.

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