Malaysian embassy in Bangkok investigating disappearance of 22-year-old Malaysian woman in Chiang Mai

The disappearance of Angie Chong Sum Yee, a Malaysian national who was reportedly on a solo trip in Chiang Mai, is under investigation by the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok, according to a representative from the embassy who spoke to Coconuts.

On Friday, Angie’s mother posted on Facebook about her disappearance and asked for the public’s help to locate her 22-year-old daughter.

In an effort to locate her daughter who has gone missing, Choy Won has lodged formal complaints with the authorities in both Malaysia and Thailand.

“Please help me find this girl. She has been missing for 24 hours. The last place she was at is Chiang Mai, Thailand,” her Facebook post read.

Angie’s mother has also been active on Facebook, pleading for more information from the public on her daughter’s disappearance. Some netizens have suggested a hotel, presumably the one Angie was last seen – but this is not confirmed.

Recounting the most recent instance of communicating with her daughter, Choy Won made reference to her daughter’s WhatsApp “last seen” timestamp of 10pm on Thursday, June 1.

Since that moment, her daughter has remained unresponsive to all messages and has displayed no indications of any activity.

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