Malaysian doctor deported from New Zealand after serving five years in jail for sexually abusing patients

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A Malaysian doctor has been deported from New Zealand after serving five years in jail for drugging patients before sexually abusing them.

The New Zealand Herald reported yesterday that David Kang Huat Lim, 46, would be deported on June 1 after serving the five-year sentence.

Lim, who used to work at a clinic in Hastings, was convicted of sedating four men before sexually assaulting them by rubbing their genitals.

After being found guilty on five counts of incapacitating or stupefying and five counts of indecent assault on a person over 16, the disbarred doctor was sentenced to five years in prison in August 2017.

Following sentencing, Lim had been denied parole on four occasions since 2019.

Lim, who transitioned from male to female while in prison, lost her right to practice in New Zealand in 2018. The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal also censured her and ordered her to pay NZ$4,380 (RM12,212) in expenses.

According to the parole board’s ruling, Lim is also prohibited from returning to New Zealand.

Prior to coming to New Zealand for work in 2006, Lim completed her medical training in Scotland.

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