Malaysian cosmetics entrepreneur Ahmad Iqbal slammed on social media for wanting to ‘replace’ Justin Bieber in upcoming concert

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Cosmetics mogul Datuk Seri Vida’s ex-fiancee Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli was slammed by online users for 'wanting to replace Justin Bieber' to perform at his upcoming October concert.

Bieber had revealed on Saturday that he had cancelled tour dates due to his sudden contraction of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which left him with partial facial paralysis.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a painful rash that causes paralysis due to the infection of a nerve in the head from chickenpox or shingles.

The sudden news left many fans worldwide and in Malaysia in shock.

The controversial cosmetics entrepreneur and singer Ahmad Iqbal was quick to offer himself.

The former personal assistant and one-time beau to the flamboyant Vida took to the Facebook comments of an entertainment news post to share his aspirations of taking over Bieber’s Malaysian concert.

'It's okay, I can replace it. What song do you want to hear? I’ll write it fast, don't want to share the list at the last minute. ” Iqbal wrote.

The influencer’s comment triggered angry responses from Bieber fans and Malaysians in general for its poor taste.

'I want to book you for a rain call ceremony. My place is dry, all the plants don't grow. Your melodious singing can cause a thunderstorm here. ”

'I'm afraid no one will come to Iqbal's concert.'

'Confidence is important, but self-awareness is also important.'

In a follow-up comment, Iqbal said he would only come if he was paid a little higher as he needed to buy a pen to sign his fans’ autographs.

Iqbal was the subject of controversy last year when he released his first single Hujan, supposedly about his split with Vida.

The couple were set to be married in December but cancelled their plans in October.

Vida had criticised Iqbal’s video for spreading lies about her and attempting to gain sympathy from the public.