Malaysian celebrity couple Aeril Zafrel, wife Wawa Zainal and friends splurge on RM10,000 Salt Bae experience in London (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — Actor and cosmetics entrepreneur Aeril Zafrel shared snippets of him and his entourage enjoying a RM10,000 Salt Bae experience in London recently.

He is currently on vacation in the UK with wife and business partner Wawa Zainal as well as several friends including friends including actress Mawar Rashid and husband Raf Yaakob.

Through a 45-second snippet shared on Aeril’s Instagram, the group can be seen posing in front of the fine dining restaurant Nusr-Et before along with famous Turkish butcher and chef, 'Salt Bae' in his element.

In the video, Salt Bae, or his Nusret Gökçe can be seen cutting some steaks and performing his iconic ‘salt seasoning’ choreography for the group before feeding Aeril a piece of the steak.

By the end of the meal, the group were left awed with the bill which amounted to RM10,065.54.

Aeril who managed to get a photo-op with Salt Bae later, was taken aback by the bill, captioning the video, “That’s why after this I’ll be sure to check the price first before dining in”.

Aeril’s post has been viewed over one million time since it was uploaded yesterday with over 80,000 likes.

Local social media users voiced their shock at the RM10,000 bill.

“That amount is equal to a normal wedding dowry,” commented user n.qarmilaaa.

“That’s enough for a year’s meal,” user nifyzaselamat commented.

“10k is nothing, to an artist it’s like RM10 only,” commented user makeupbysyuhadahwada.