Malaysian band Pop Shuvit teases new single produced by and featuring My Chemical Romance’s Ray Toro

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, September 29 — Rap rock band Pop Shuvit is back with a brand new track releasing October 6.

The melancholic track titled Space Between Us will be the first single off their upcoming seventh studio album Phantom Frequencies.

The band shared a short teaser via Instagram, and shared that their latest single was produced by and featuring the lead guitarist from American rock band My Chemical Romance, Ray Toro.

Space Between Us also features the vocals of Emmet from local act band Butterfingers who contributed on the chorus.

Pop Shuvit via their official site described the upcoming single as a track that is ‘close to their core’.

“Think of it as a raw, evocative peek into what’s coming — a pure, unadulterated auditory trip.”

“Like all before, this collection encapsulates our journey, passion, and the spirit of the times.

“As tradition goes, with new tunes come new tours. When the calendar turns, expect to see Pop Shuvit on stages, sharing our essence, and experiencing the live pulse of rock with all of you,” read the statement from the Pop Shuvit.

The band’s last single was in 2020 titled Binasa which featured numerous local talents including rapper Aman Ra, hardcore bands Massacre Conspiracy and Tres Empre as well as Love Me Butch and Nazpoleon.