Malaysian artist, KPop producer DJ SP3CK goes viral for cameo in 2019 South Korean film (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 ― A scene from the 2019 South Korean film, Jazzy Misfits has gone viral among Malaysians, thanks to a cameo from Malaysian-born artist and KPop producer, DJ SP3CK.

DJ SP3CK is part of a duo called SAM&SP3CK who are currently based in South Korea and signed under Natural High Record, a record label owned by one of Big Bang’s members, Seungri, as reported by The Seoul Story.

TikTok user Loca-Cola shared the one minute and 24 second scene from the film yesterday, and quickly went viral among Malaysians, three years after the film's release.

The film follows the journey of a mother and daughter to track down a younger sister who had stolen money from the family.

In the viral clip, the mother, played by actress Jo Min-Su, was seen frantically ‘knocking’ on a door before she was greeted by a shirtless DJ SP3CK.

The mother who thought SP3CK was harbouring her daughter in his home, tries to enter but is stopped by SP3CK who later swears at her in Bahasa Malaysia.

SP3CK in the scene, loudly swears, “Mak Cik, Mak Cik, why are you making such noise this early in the morning? Ahh b**i betul lah!”

The scene ended with the mother realising she knocked on the wrong house and apologising to SP3CK.

The TikTok clip has garnered over one million views along with over 100,000 likes and over 1,000 comments from amused social media users.

Meanwhile social media users were also seen comparing Jo Min-Su to Malaysian actress, Kathy Azean, who’s known for her antagonistic roles in local dramas.

Jazzy Misfits stars Jung Man-Sik, Choi Ji-Su as well as South Korean rapper, Cheetah, which was also her first acting debut.