Malaysian actress Lufya Omar injured, claims prevented daughter's kidnap in Kota Damansara

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — Actress Lufya Omar claims to have sustained injuries after stopping a man from kidnapping her daughter at a playground in Kota Damansara.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to share about the nerve-racking incident along with photos of her injuries.

According to Lufya, she was spending time with her four-year-old daughter, Laana Haura at the playground on Sunday evening when she was assaulted by a man with a club who was trying to get to her daughter.

Although she was struck in the head and body by the man which resulted in her injuries, Lufya said she managed to fend off the attacker.

“Alhamdulillah, my daughter and I are safe. I’m a fighter! “The guy who assaulted us is quite big and strong, however with Allah’s will, I managed to fight him off and saved my child.

“Syukur Alhamdulillah, the moral of the story is we must always stay alert. We didn’t know that people nowadays are willing to succumb to such cruel extent. People are losing their humanity.”

Lufya's post garnered over 30,000 likes with comments from her friends and fans shocked by the news while some social media users are also urged her to file a police report regarding the incident which she has yet to do so.

Petaling Jaya district police chief assistant commissioner Mohamad Fakhruddin Abdul Hamid was reported by Utusan Malaysia saying that no police report had been filed.

He urged Lufya to make one for investigations to proceed.

Meanwhile, in a separate report by Harian Metro, Lufya’s ex-husband Dr Che Muhammad Hafiz Che Baharum firmly denied that he was involved in the attack after some social media users claimed it was him.

“The claims by social media users are slanderous. I would never do something like that as a father. If I want to meet my daughter, I would ask for permission. If I couldn’t see her, I would negotiate calmly.

“If I wanted to meet my daughter, I would ask nicely instead of making a scene. If she wouldn’t allow it, I would ask again, without using any violence. I will try my best to understand (the situation) if I can't meet her.

“I’m not the vengeful type. Let bygones be bygones. I’ve ‘moved on’ a long time ago and I already have a new life. Why would I hire a thug,” Hafiz said.

Lufya and Hafiz had tied the knot in November 2016 and both of them were blessed with a daughter before their divorce in June 2020.