Malaysian actor Azhar Sulaiman admits getting more job offers thanks to daughter's controversies

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, January 21 — Actor Azhar Sulaiman has his daughter to thank for the increase in acting job opportunities.

Azhar via an interview with Buletin FM recently said that he has been getting non-stop acting job opportunities from producers and directors all because of his daughter Kasih Iris Leona’s controversies.

Leona, a social media personality, previously made headlines multiple times before following her outfits deemed as provocative by some local social media users and is no stranger to getting bombarded with negative comments whenever she shares something on social media.


Thank you Leona sebab buat Daddy jadi “Hot”

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“This past year, I have been acting non stop. I think I need to thank my daughter, Leona, because of her, my name also became ‘hot’.

“And I’m active on social media too, which I used to stay connected with the industry and so that people know where to find me.

“And 90 per cent of the jobs actually came to me via social media, through direct messages,” he said.

However, the 51-year-old avid social media user admits he is not spared from bring affected by the negative comments about his family on social media.

“Social media users would bombard her with negative comments and sometimes they would say really hurtful things. I tried asking my daughter to stop doing it as it is affecting me too, but she just kept quiet.

“When i asked her whether she read all the comments, she just told me ‘I don’t read the comments’ but whatever it is, i have to remind myself that this is the price I have to pay,” Azhar said.

He added that he would try his best to keep himself cool and composed when faced with these matters.

This is not the first time Azhar has opened up on his daughter.

Previously via an Instagram post, he shared that he is grateful to have a daughter like Leona despite her controversies.

In the post, Azhar said that he was even worse than his daughter when he was at that age and added that his children are a retribution for him for what he did during his bachelor days.