Malaysian actor Aeril Zafrel to bring 40 employees on South Korean holiday after TikTok Awards win

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — Actor and entrepreneur Aeril Zafrel will be treating his staff to a trip to South Korea this October.

He made the announcement after he had won the Celebrity of the Year award at the TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 last weekend.

Aeril or his real name Suhairil Sunari told Kosmo! that he will be bringing all 40 of his staff members to South Korea by the end of the year.

“I chose South Korea in that period as it won't be too cold at that time of the year.

“Plus, a lot of my staff haven’t been to Korea before.”

Aeril and his wife Wawa Zainal, own various business ventures including in cosmetics under the name Wawa Cosmetics, as well as head scarves business called Wawa Scarves.

The actor said he was grateful for the win and admitted that he did not expect the short-form video social media platform to have helped him that much with his businesses.

Although he is still an actor, he said his focus remains on his businesses which has prompted him to decline recent acting offers.

Being a father to four children has also made him more selective of acting roles.

“Of course I’ve missed acting, especially when I’ve been busy with the business and being called a full time ‘TikToker’.

“However, I still need to prioritise my responsibilities. I have 40 staff working under me in my business.

“It would complicate things if I were to leave them to focus on other things (acting),” he said.

Aeril said he would not abandon his acting career as he felt that acting has helped him in getting to where he is today.

“The success that I’ve enjoyed today, all begins with my acting career. So I don’t want to abandon my roots.”

Aeril's last film was the 2022 horror flick Musyrik:Api Neraka Menantimu.