Malaysia records 10 new Covid-19 cases today, four imported

Yiswaree Palansamy

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah speaks at a press conference in Putrajaya June 24, 2020. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27- KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced 10 new Covid-19 infections today and no fatalities.

MOH director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah also said 14 patients were discharged today, bringing the cumulative number of recovered and discharged patients to 8,308 people.

“It is to be noted that of the 10 new cases reported, four are import cases who contracted the infection abroad, involving one Malaysian and three non-citizens who are permanent residents (PRs), allowed into Malaysia for work purposes.

“Of the six locally infected cases, four cases are among Malaysians, while two cases involve foreigners,” he added.

Dr Noor Hisham said that of the four infection cases involving Malaysians, one was during screening prior to surgery in Selangor, while three were tahfiz school students from Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, of the two other cases involving foreigners, one was tested positive after being put in jail in Negeri Sembilan, while another was in Sabah, during screening at a contractors work site.

“To date, there are two Covid-19 positive cases who are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). None of the cases require ventilators,” he added.

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