Malaysia’s nonagenarian PM denies sex tape knowledge, asks media for briefing

Malaysia’s 93-year-old Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad today denied having any knowledge of a prominent MP, and Cabinet minister, having been involved in what some say are several sexually charged photos and videos.

The minister in question was not named.

“I do not know anything. I have just heard. I would have to read up on it, said the prime minister, replying to media at an unrelated press conference for the Economic Action Council (EAC).

“If you are willing to do a briefing for me, that would be good,” he concluded, leaving at one of us (ahem) red in the face at the suggestion of breaking down a sex tape’s blow by blow (ha!) to a nonagenarian.

The videos and photos, which Coconuts KL has had the indignity of seeing via WhatsApp way too early on a Monday morning before coffee, show two men in ah … sexual acts. One of them definitely looks like a certain Cabinet minister, but then again, we still can’t tell the difference between Michael Buble and Robin Thicke – so probably not the best judges.

Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam, aka the guy that one-time UMNO Youth Leader, current MP and number two on an arbitrary Coconuts KL favorite MP list, Khairy “KJ” Jamaluddin, once called a carrot, has now filed a police report on the matter, asking investigators to look into the authenticity of the clips.


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