Malaysia’s English radio station Hitz records 12pc increase in local music since mid-2020

Milad Hassandarvish
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English radio station Hitz is committed to discovering more local talents and content this year. – Picture courtesy of Hitz
English radio station Hitz is committed to discovering more local talents and content this year. – Picture courtesy of Hitz

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 — Malaysia’s English radio station Hitz has recorded a 12 per cent increase in local representation of music on its playlist on air, with local music available every of every day.

The station said in a statement that the increase was because of their commitment to support more local music and talent since mid-last year.

It said the radio brand collaborated with leaders representing the local music industry to develop the Malaysian “music panel” in an effort to raise the standard for local music and talent.

The move has resulted in vast and phenomenal diversification of the local talent pool featured on-air, ranging from TikTok stars to home DJs — a testament to demonstrate “Malaysia boleh” even as the artists are bench-marked against international artistes.

Astro Radio network content manager for English radio brands Priya Prabakaran said: “We have come across some amazing local talent and music since this began and we remain committed to discovering more local talents and content in 2021.”

To highlight the local talents even further, the station also introduced multiple digital features, interview segments and music specials including the Fresh Hitz Friday which plays new local and international music as soon as they are released.

Additionally, there were Hitz Sessions providing an acoustic version of the hit local song, Behind The Hit which gives fans an explanation and story behind a local song, and Soundtrack of My Life where local artistes takeover Hitz for an hour, curating and playing their choice of songs that have inspired them.

The industry leaders serve on the panel on a rotation basis and curate a playlist of local tracks to be played on air.

The local tracks are submitted to the panellists without identifying the musician so that panel’s selection remains objective and neutral.

Previously, Malaysian artistes were featured exclusively only over an hour on weekends.

Industry leaders will take turns to serve on the panel, thus ensuring a fair and diverse selection of local music on Hitz daily main playlist on-air and on the SYOK app.

The role of the panel remains also to identify and develop local, promising music talents.

Aspiring local musicians who wish to get their tracks produced may send in their demo recordings to Hitz, where they select one track monthly to be pitched to labels for production.

All local musicians and DJs can submit their tracks and mixes to

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