Malaysia among the worst for Internet connection speed

Internet search giant, Google, has just confirmed what most Malaysians have suspected for the longest time - our Internet speed really does suck.

Malaysia was listed among the slowest countries in the world for loading Web pages on desktop computers as well as mobile computers, according to a study by Google.

Malaysia, with an average Web page loading speed on desktops of 14.3 seconds, was named the world’s fifth slowest, even more plodding than the connection speeds of nations like Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

The only countries that performed worse, according to a Bloomberg report which cited Google's study, were Venezuela and India as well as Asean neighbours Philippines and Indonesia, which came out rock bottom.

The country deemed to have the fastest loading speed was a surprise. Averaging a blazing fast 3.3 seconds, the Slovak Republic outraced developed nations like South Korea (3.5 secs), Netherlands (3.9 secs), Japan (4 secs) and Denmark (4.3 secs).

However, the Koreans still set the best time in loading Web pages using mobile devices with an average loading time of only 4.8 seconds.

However, if phone browsing is your thing, stay out of the United Arab Emirates, where it takes a glacial 26.7 seconds to load an Internet page.In the category of the 10 slowest countries for mobile web page loading, Malaysia was the best of the worst, with a loading time of 12.7 seconds.

Here’s the complete list of the top and bottom 10 countries both in desktop and mobile speeds for loading Web pages according to Google:

Top 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds)
Slovak Republic (3.3)
South Korea (3.5)
Czech Republic (3.7)
Netherlands (3.9)
Japan (4)
Denmark (4.3)
Switzerland (4.3)
Sweden (4.5)
Belgium (4.6)
Norway (4.8)

Bottom 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds)
Chile (10)
Colombia (10.2)
Peru (11.7)
Brazil (11.8)
Argentina (12.8)
Malaysia (14.3)
Venezuela (14.9)
India (15.1)
Philippines (15.4)
Indonesia (20.3)

Top 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)
South Korea (4.8)
Denmark (5.2)
Hong Kong (5.9)
Norway (6)
Sweden (6.1)
Estonia (6.2)
Czech Republic (6.3)
Japan (6.4)
Romania (7.5)
Slovak Republic (7.6)

Bottom 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)
Malaysia (12.7)
Indonesia (12.9)
Singapore (12.9)
Mexico (14.1)
Brazil (15.8)
Argentina (16.3)
India (16.4)
Thailand (17.4)
Saudi Arabia (21.2)
United Arab Emirates (26.7)

The report noted that the United States was somewhere in the middle. “On the desktop, it took an average of 5.7 seconds. On a mobile device it took 9.2 seconds to load, which for many folks here, feels like an eternity,” it said.

However, before you begin looking up immigration options, consider this. According to the Bloomberg report, Google measured Web page load speeds on desktop computers and mobile devices in 50 countries with the fastest Internet connections.

So, it's probably fairer to say that Malaysia isn't slow, but merely among the less fast.