Malaysia is the 18th most dangerous travel destination in the world: report

Country rankings are fun when it makes your country superior to others, they can also be something you brag about, but not when it ranks your country as the 18th most dangerous travel destination in the world.

Malaysia had a depressing total score of -176.17, which translates to a D+, in a Travel Safety Index (TSI) assessment from the US insurance firm The Swiftest.

Fifty of the world’s most visited nations were ranked using information from recognized international organizations in accordance with seven categories.

The categories included in the list were: fatalities from homicide, fatalities from traffic accidents, fatalities from poisoning, fatalities from poor hygienic conditions, fatalities from communicable diseases, fatalities from injuries, and natural disaster risk index.

According to the chart, all 50 nations received grades ranging from A+ to F.

The results for Malaysia in each category are listed below, from highest to lowest:

Death from poor hygiene conditions: B+

Homicide deaths: B

Poisoning deaths: C

Injury life years lost: C-

Natural disaster risk index: D+

Road traffic deaths: F

Communicable disease life years lost: F

Image by the Swiftest
Image by the Swiftest

And of course, across the causeway, Singapore, was named the world’s safest travel destination.

With the exception of one category, communicable illness life years, the nation obtained A+ scores overall.

Singapore had a final grade of -43.43, or A+.

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