Making Tracks: Zebras Walk Along Railway After Escape From Maryland Farm

Residents of Upper Marlboro, Maryland – a small town outside Washington, DC – were astonished to see zebras walking around their leafy neighborhoods after the animals escaped from a nearby farm.

Paul Curling’s daughter Layla was the first in their family to spot the zebras walking along railroad tracks near their home on September 2, the family told FOX 5 DC.

Paul Curling told the station, “I thought … she’s been in the house too long or she’s having a fever or something. So she says, ‘I’m gonna send you a video.’ One of my first thoughts was, ‘Well, maybe somebody had a birthday party and they painted some horses for some four-year-olds or something.’ Because there’s no way in the world some zebras could be here in Upper Marlboro just roaming around like deers.”

The zebras reportedly escaped from a private farm in Upper Marlboro on August 31, according to reports. The police were still receiving reports about zebras on the loose as of September 7, FOX 5 DC said.

Rodney Taylor, who heads Prince George’s County’s animal services department, warned people not to approach the zebras. Credit: Paul Curling via Storyful

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