Major report finds girls vaping more than boys: Tech & Science Daily podcast

(PA) (PA Wire)
(PA) (PA Wire)

A huge international report has found that England leads the world in under-age drinking - and that girls are drinking, smoking and vaping more than boys in the UK.

The study is one of the largest of its kind and was carried out by the World Health Organisation, who examined data from 280,000 children aged 11, 13 and 15 from 44 countries.

Research also revealed that two-fifths of girls in England and Scotland have vaped by the age of 15, which is higher than in a number of other developed countries.

Dr Jo Inchley, international coordinator for the study, called Health Behaviour In School-Aged Children, explains some of the key findings.

Shetland's SaxaVord Spaceport, which hopes to eventually launch 30 rockets a year, has been given a crucial safety licence.

The spaceport at the northernmost tip of the UK has received its range control licence from the Civil Aviation Authority, which gives permission to clear and control the “downrange” zone during launches.

It means the CAA is confident the spaceport can keep maritime and aviation traffic secure when rockets blast off from the site on the Shetland Islands.

New ESA astronaut Rosemary Coogan from the UK is already undergoing training in microgravity. She and some colleagues boarded Airbus’s “Zero G” A310 plane for their first parabolic flight experience with the agency, where the aircraft was manoeuvred to create short periods of weightlessness.

They had to learn to overcome the temptation to ”swim” in microgravity and learn to perform CPR while anchored upside down.

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