Major quake hits Mexico, with several killed

A powerful earthquake has hit southern Mexico's Pacific coast, killing several people with more wounded.

The fatalities were near the quake's epicenter in Oaxaca where some 200 houses were left scarred by huge cracks across walls, some with severe damage.

Vincente Romero was one of many despondent homeowners.

"Everything was damaged here, it took the house, everything that we've done in our lives is gone. So, right now we're waiting to see what comes next, because we can't live in this house anymore. We lost everything in one moment to nature."

The magnitude 7.4 quake even caused damage to buildings hundreds of miles away in Mexico City.

Resident Aurea Preisser was forced to evacuate her apartment building. The memory in Mexico City is still strong of the 2017 quake that killed hundreds.

"This apartment has always been my home, I was born there, I grew up there, and I have all my memories there. And, if I were to lose it, I wouldn't just lose my home, I would lose a very large part of my heart."

Rockfalls blocked winding mountain roads between the state capital of Oaxaca and the coast.

And rescue workers battled for hours to reach the settlement near the epicenter, where officials say the quake brought down homes as well as parts of the mountainside.