How to maintain your summer glow despite gloomy weather

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A few simple tips can help prolong your summer glow well into the fall.

If you've been lucky enough to spend your vacations in the sun (not the case for everyone) you're probably been proudly displaying that summery glow. Now it's up to you to prolong that tan as long as possible, despite capricious weather that in some regions has been alternating between rain and autumnal temperatures. Some simple but effective gestures should help you accomplish your goal.

It is well known by now that it is important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun throughout your vacations, and even the rest of the year. The sun is responsible not only for accelerated skin aging, but also- and above all- for skin cancer. If you have chosen the right protection (adapted to your skin type and the conditions of your exposure) and applied an after-sun product every day, you have already done a good part of the work to prolong your tan as much as possible. All that's left is to adopt a few habits that can only enhance your summer tan.

Exfoliation, the base
No, exfoliating won't ruin your tan. This is a common misconception that persists despite having no factual basis. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you exfoliate your skin before exposure to the sun, at least twice a week before going on vacation, but also during, and even more so after your summer trip. By exfoliating your skin, you will eliminate dead cells, which will create and reveal a more even tan that will last.

Be careful not to strip your skin, however. Choose a gentle exfoliating scrub, especially if your skin is sensitive and reactive, and, if possible, use natural products.

Moisturizing, the essential gesture
You probably did it spontaneously during the vacations, with shea butter and coconut oil to match the scenery and mood, but it is imperative to continue moisturizing your skin upon your return from vacation. It's not complicated. Simply choose the cream, oil, or lotion formulation most appropriate for your skin type, and apply it at least once a day after the bath or shower.

This action will nourish your skin in depth, and avoid any potential peeling, if you overindulged with the sun worshipping. While you're at it, you can continue this ritual throughout the year. Note that hydration also comes from within, so drinking water and eating water-filled foods will also help keep your complexion glowing.

You can also cheat
It is possible to use nature's riches to prolong your tan. This can be done with certain vegetable oils, but also with specific foods. In these two forms, the carrot, rich in provitamin A, fulfills perfectly the function of tanning prolonger, just like the tomato, the peach, and the apricot. They happen to be in season!

You didn't go to the sun this summer? That's exactly why self-tanners and sun powders were created, two beauty allies not to be neglected in the fall. If the latter is a beauty-shelf must-have, the former has long been the victim of prejudices - marks, streaks, orange complexion, etc. Today, all sorts of new formulas and textures should seduce you. For the less adventurous, opt for progressive self-tanners that reduce the risk of streaks and build-up.

Christelle Pellissier

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