Maher says Biden is ‘going to lose’ after dismal debate showing: ‘It’s so apparent’

Comedian Bill Maher is the latest voice to chime in on President Biden’s performance during Thursday’s debate.

“It’s okay if you missed it, so did one of the contestants,” he quipped to the audience during his late night show “Real Time”.

Maher re-upped his view that Biden would lose the presidential election.

“He is going to lose. I said it nine months ago, I said it tonight,” he said. “Now, it seems like it’s so apparent.”

Maher said Biden was “going to f—ing lose” in the rematch against former President Donald Trump during an episode of his podcast in early June.

Maher also reiterated his continued commitment to vote for Biden if the race comes down to another face-off between the two presidents.

“I’ve said this before: I will vote for his head in a jar of blue liquid,” he said, “and after last night, time to get the jar.”

Maher tore into the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, but slammed the Republican Party, as well.

“Trump told lie after lie after lie. He’d never gotten away with it if Joe Biden was there.”

He also poked fun at accusations from Republicans ahead of the debate that the president would be on performance enhancing drugs.

Former President Trump propelled the theories, calling for Biden to take a drug test ahead of the debate in a post to Truth Social earlier in the week.

Maher played a clip from the debate —which featured Biden stumbling over his words and concluding his administration “finally beat Medicare” — for viewers who use the show to “catch up on the news.”

“This is what the Republicans will show, from now to election day,” Maher said.

“I say, ‘quit,’” he added.

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