MAH: Easier Covid-19 test for inbound travellers with DOC2US’s virtual RTK test

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Housekeeping staff is seen tidying up a room in a hotel in George Town March 3, 2022. ― Picture by Sayuti Zainudin
Housekeeping staff is seen tidying up a room in a hotel in George Town March 3, 2022. ― Picture by Sayuti Zainudin

KUALA LUMPUR, April 18 — The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has started a collaboration with DOC2US to provide travellers staying at MAH member hotels the convenience of self-testing from their hotel room through the latter’s virtual RTK Intelligent System (RTKis).

DOC2US is Malaysia’s leading digital health service provider and the company launched its AI-powered RTKis, a virtual RTK-Ag screening solution that has been verified by licensed doctors, in July last year.

“The RTKis tests are supervised by professional healthcare providers, and the results are uploaded to the Public Health Laboratory Information System (SIMKA) integrated with MySejahtera,” said MAH president, Datuk N. Subramaniam, in a statement today.

The statement said that currently, more than 20 MAH member hotels had signed up for the service, which they were in the process of adopting.

It added that all travellers had to do was opt to add the RTKis when booking a hotel room at an MAH-participating member hotel and they would receive it upon check-in.

“The tourism and travel industry were the hardest hit during the pandemic. By starting with RTKis and Virtual Health Advisory for travellers, we can reassure travellers of our health and safety standards,” said CEO and co-founder of DOC2US Dr Raymond Choy in the same statement.

“Inbound travellers who are required to perform RTK-Ag testing for Covid-19 can do so conveniently and comfortably from their hotel rooms within 24 hours of arrival as part of the added services provided by member hotels of MAH. It is safe, secure and credible.”

The government SOP requires travellers to take a PCR test two days before departure to Malaysia and upload it to MySejahtera.

Once in Malaysia, they must take a professionally administered RTK-Antigen test within 24 hours of their arrival.

Only those aged six years and below are exempted from either requirement.

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