Is MAGAtonin Right For You? ‘Late Show’ Pitches Pill To Make You Sleep Like Trump

Reports that Donald Trump has been dozing off during his hush money trial inspired “The Late Show” on Thursday to devise an imaginary sleeping pill called “MAGAtonin.” (Watch the video below.)

“Here’s how it works,” a chirpy announcer says in the faux ad. “Take a pill, then cheat on your wife with a porn star, pay her off to win the presidency and then be forced to defend yourself in court. It’s that simple. Then it’s off to dreamland.”

The fake Trump has a fantasy about McDonald’s Mayor McCheese before he’s rudely awaked by another bodily function that he’s been accused of during the trial.

The former president, who’s charged with disguising hush money payments to a porn actor paramour as business expenses, said he hasn’t been sleeping, just resting his “beautiful blue eyes.”