Madison Police Release Footage of Arrest That Sparked Violence

Police in Madison, Wisconsin, have released footage of the arrest of a protester on June 23, which sparked a violent turn in demonstrations in the city, culminating in the toppling of two statues, and an attack on a state senator.

The man who was arrested, identified by local media as 28-year-old Devonere Johnson, entered a downtown restaurant with a megaphone and baseball bat, prompting police action.

Hours later, protesters calling for his release gathered at the Wisconsin State Capitol, according to local news reports.

Tim Carpenter, a Wisconsin state senator, said on Twitter that he was beaten up by a group of protesters near the Capitol. Protesters also tore down two statues; one of them, thrown in a lake, was of Col Hans Christian Heg, a Civil War-era anti-slavery activist; the other was the well-known “Forward” statue, intended to symbolize progress.

Police said windows were broken, and Molotov cocktails thrown. Credit: Madison Police Department via Storyful