Madison Beer Calls TikTok a "Super Hateful Place" After Announcing She's Taking a Break From the App

Carolyn Twersky
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From Seventeen

You may not be seeing Madison Beer on TikTok in the foreseeable future. The singer announced over the weekend that she was taking a bit of a break from the app, citing the "hate and negativity" as her reasons for stepping back.

"This might be my last TikTok for a bit my loves," she wrote in the captions of one of her videos. "The energy on this app is draining me :( so much hate and negativity. It's all I see these days."

She went on to explain that she's not just talking about the hate directed at her, but at everyone on the app. "I'm tired of seeing a girl dance on my [for you page], only to go to the comments and see people making fun of her body or something, it hurts me. So much."

Madison continued, writing, "I just want this app to change and I want people to realize how much their words can impact others. I know it won't, but I can hope. It's just not okay guys. I love TikTok and wanna stay here but...this horrible behavior should've never been normalized."

It's unclear where the 21-year-old stands now, though. A few days after her initial statement, she went live on TikTok to discuss the situation further.

"I made a statement saying that I was going to be done with TikTok and I'm going off TikTok and that's not necessarily true. I basically just said that I need to take a break from posting maybe." She admitted that she isn't really sure what she was trying to say, but she feels that "TikTok is a super hateful place."

So at this point it's unclear where exactly Madison stands when it comes to the app. She hasn't posted on it in almost a week, so maybe she really is taking a break. Hopefully, she can teach some haters a lesson, enjoy her time off, and get back to making great content ASAP.

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