Macron sworn in for second term as French president

STORY: France's Emmanuel Macron was sworn in for his second term as president on Saturday (May 7).

He promised to lead with a "new method," in a country where presidents are rarely re-elected.

Macron won 58.5% of the votes in an April 24 second round against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

In a short speech, he said his second term would be "new" and not merely a continuation of the first.

"This trust, always fragile, challenged every morning, is the base of our liberty system. Every day in the opening mandate, I will only have one compass, to serve," he said.

Among the 500 guests present were former presidents Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as former prime ministers, religious leaders and other state figures.

Hollande, who threw his support behind Macron in the second round, told reporters that Macron could not afford to reproduce the "methods of yesterday," and that some citizens voted out of rejection, rather than out of hope.

The once-dominant parties of Hollande and Sarkozy - the Socialists on the left and Les Republicains on the right - have been severely weakened in recent years, in part due to the rise of Macron's political movement.

Though a newly united political left is hoping to deprive Macron of a majority in a June parliamentary vote.

The day before Macron's inauguration, some Parisians held anxiety over his second term.

"I am expecting a social crisis that would be significantly more important than the previous one."

Others were more hopeful, saying they expected his mandate to be "more social than the previous one".

Macron was re-elected despite strong opposition to his pro-business policies and a proposal to raise the retirement age by three years.

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