Macron Pledges Support as Locals Vent Anger in Beirut

French President Emmanuel Macron engaged with locals in Beirut on August 6, as his delegation toured a neighborhood badly damaged by the explosion in the city two days previously.

Reporters at the scene said the crowds surrounding Macron were expressing anger with the government. One man in this video can be heard calling to Macron, “You are our only hope.”

Macron responds saying France will support Lebanon, alongside NGOs and under the supervision of the UN.

Ahead of his trip, Macron said he was going to Beirut to bring a message of solidarity and fraternity from the people of France.

Lebanon declared a two-week state of emergency a day after the blast, which killed at least 137 people and wounded thousands more.

A number of countries were providing aid, personnel, and equipment by August 6, Reuters reported. Credit: Haley Bobseine via Storyful