Macron launches "France 2030" investment plan

He calls it "France 2030".

On Tuesday (October 12) French President Emmanuel Macron set out ambitious plans to transform his country into a technology powerhouse.

The 30 billion euro investment plan targets sectors from cars to medicine and energy.

It's also meant to drastically reduce emissions from industry.

Macron says the stakes are high:

"And so this conviction has a key point, meaning we must wage the battle of innovation and industrialisation at the same time, we can't choose between the two, we have to wage them together. And that means that we should put in a lot of public and private funds, because the winner takes all, as English-speaking countries say."

Many of the targets are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Macron wants France to develop a low-carbon plane.

Other goals include small nuclear reactors, and massive factories to produce hydrogen fuels.

"We absolutely must prepare for technologies that break away, and for deep transformation in nuclear - the promise of what we call small modular reactors, small reactors that are more adaptable and safer since safety is a key point in the nuclear debate."

Macron says the plan will give key roles to small, agile startups - not just established giants.

The money allocated to the plan comes on top of a 100 billion euro recovery fund set up last year.

Much of that also went towards promoting greener energy.

Opposition politicians dismissed the plans as electoral campaigning, with a presidential election just six months away.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Macron wanted to be re-elected, 'whatever the cost' to taxpayers.

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