Macron Defeats Le Pen in French Presidential Election, Vows to Unite Voters

Emmanuel Macron won a second term as French president on Sunday, April 24, beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the runoff.

Projections at the close of voting showed Macron gain 58 percent of the vote compared to Le Pen’s 42 percent.

This footage shows Macron speaking to supporters on the Champ de Mars on Sunday night, beneath a shining Eiffel Tower.

Macron acknowledged those who voted for him, not to support his ideas, but to “block those of the extreme right”.

“This evening, I am no longer the candidate of one camp, but the President for all,” Macron said.

Le Pen conceded defeat in her third attempt to become president on Sunday night. Credit: Emmanuel Macron via Storyful

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