Machine Gun Kelly hits back at trolls who critcised his style

Machine Gun Kelly has hit back at online trolls who criticised his sense of style.

The 32-year-old singer shared a message on Twitter on Tuesday to anyone who’s made unkind remarks about one of his recent looks. While he didn’t specify which critics he was calling out, his comment comes days after he wore a silver Dolce & Gabbana suit, along with chunky full finger rings and purple eyeshadow, to the brand’s show at Milan Fashion Week.

“You can’t comment about my style, if you have none,” Kelly, whose real name is Coloson Baker, wrote.

He also shared of screenshot of this tweet to his Instagram, along with a caption that read: “Keep your insecurities to yourself.”

As of 17 January, the rapper’s tweet has more than 191,300 views, with his fans in the comments praising his fashion sense and recent Dolce & Gabbana look.

“You got the best style out there,” one wrote, while another added: [For real] you’re really a fly guy.”

A third wrote: “Imagine not thinking that you are a style ICON.”

Other fans hit back at the trolls who criticised Kelly, one of which wrote: “Nobody can decide that anyone’s style is right/wrong and if they’re commenting on it, they’re just miserable about themselves. They hate on ppl who are confident in their body and style. Never change colson, we take sm inspiration from you and we always will, you’re one of a kind.”

On Monday, Kelly shared a photo of his Dolce & Gabbana outfit on Instagram and referenced his look to a character in the hit HBO show Euphoria.

“I call this: if jules from euphoria went to milan,” he wrote in the caption.

Over the years, the “My Ex’s Best Friend” singer has opened up about his style. During an interview with GQ published in January 2022, he discussed how his fashion sense has coincided with his music and acting career.

“Fashion and music have always gone together,” he said. “I love it when it’s genuine, and I hate it when it’s fake, when it’s… styled. I’ve been guilty of having looks where I’m thinking: ‘I’d never wear that.’ Emphasis on the ‘I.’”

He then confessed what he’s learned about himself from wearing outfits that people recommended him to.

“Other people have told me, ‘you should wear that,’ and, you know, I did,” Kelly added. “But that’s necessary growing pains in developing your style, you got to figure out what you don’t like before you know what you do.”