Mace accuses former staffers of sabotage, ‘massive invasion’ of privacy

Mace accuses former staffers of sabotage, ‘massive invasion’ of privacy

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), who has experienced a string of staff resignations and firings, accused her former employees of sabotage and invading her privacy in a new interview.

“I knew that they were sabotaging the office for a while. I didn’t know to the extent that they were doing it,” Mace told the Daily Mail in an article published Friday.

Nine of Mace’s staff members left her office between December and February, the outlet reported. Prior to that, four employees left during a six-week period in summer 2021.

She said her team signed her name on documents without permission, and “one of them submerged their electronic devices under water so we couldn’t access their files.” She claimed they would delete files, so new staff wouldn’t have access to them.

The South Carolina representative, a mother to two, said one of her staff members hacked her devices, tracking her for nine months with access to her children’s calendars and Mace’s doctor appointments and medical information. She added that former staff mismanaged nearly $1 from her office budget as well.

One staff member would leak the names of new hires in an attempt for negative stories to be written about them, and interns quit because former staff threatened that “they would never get a job on the hill if they worked in my office,” she claimed.

“The stories I have from some of my former staff are horrific, and were a massive invasion of my privacy,” Mace said.

Some ex-staffers have described Mace’s office as a toxic work environment. Two former staffers who spoke with the Daily Mail denied that her personal devices had been hacked and said it’s routine for members to share their calendars with staff.

The former aides also said every office has a “run-of-the-mill” stamp of their member’s signature.

At one point, her former chief of staff who was fired in December, Dan Hanlon, filed to run against her in the 2024 GOP primary in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. He terminated his campaign two months later.

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