‘I’m a massive royalist’: Catherine Zeta-Jones says she was ‘really upset’ about Queen’s death

Catherine Zeta-Jones has said she was “really, really upset” when she learned about Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September this year.

Zeta-Jones, who plays Morticia Addams in Netflix’s new series Wednesday, added that she identifies as a “massive royalist” in a new interview.

Speaking toThe Telegraph, the Oscar-winning actor described the moment she found out Britain’s longest-serving monarch had died.

Zeta-Jones said she was on a plane leaving the UK when her son Dylan, 22, broke the news to her.

“‘I was really, really upset. I’m a massive royalist. In our family we’ll dress up on royal occasions. My son will wear a top hat and tails, and we’ll have scones,” the Traffic actor told the publication, adding that the Queen’s death “felt like the closing of a wonderful chapter of British history”.

She then exclaimed: “And people say, “Oh, the monarchy is so old-fashioned. Do we really need that?” Yes! We do!’”

Zeta-Jones, 52, also said she’s “convinced that the royal family will be just as strong going forward” in the wake of the Queen’s death on 9 September.

Elsewhere, she shared her impressions about the new Queen Consort.

The Welsh actor said she had a “wonderful lunch with Camilla and Lady Astor” in New York several years ago – before Camilla married King Charles III – and “loved her”.

“What you see is what you get with Camilla,” she added.