‘I’m Going Out at 5 in the Morning From Now On’: Dad Unimpressed as Lockdown Slackens in London

As people start to adjust to reopening economies, they may be confronted with the realisation that they became rather fond of at least some aspects of lockdown life. Aisling Sheehan’s dad, in Camden, London, appears to be one of these.

Sheehan recorded him as he returned from an aborted walk recently, exclaiming: “It’s too bloody hot, there are too many people, there are too many bloody cars. It’s not my world, I’m not used to it, I’m going out at five in the morning from now on!”

Sheehan took the video on May 30, a weekend when many Londoners were seen enjoying some sunny weather ahead of the government’s first steps towards easing the lockdown.

Sheehan told Storyful that her “unimpressed” dad had only managed a 10-minute walk before returning. “There was a lot more people out and about than he was used to since the lockdown began,” she said. Credit: Aisling Sheehan via Storyful