I’m a Celebrity - live: Scarlette Douglas becomes second star eliminated from the show

The 2022 series of I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is in full flow and has finally seen the first star eliminated from the show.

This season has been one of the most headline-making in the programme’s history, with former health secretary Matt Hancock’s arrival leading to Boy George crying on camera about nearly losing his mother during the pandemic, and Charlene White schooling the politician over his decision to join the show.

On Friday 18 November, Charlene White became the first person to be eliminated following the public vote.

Big moments from the 20th series have so far included Seann Walsh opening up about his Strictly cheating scandal to Corrie star Sue Cleaver, Hancock saying he’s looking for forgiveness, and former Rugby player Mike Tindall’s eyebrow-raising Princess Anne story.

Ex-footballer Jill Scott also got a cockroach stuck in her ear. “It’s in my brain!” she cried. Ouch.

Read updates on the latest jungle antics below...

I’m a Celeb 2022

22:23 , Ellie Harrison

Scarlette said while she did think some stars wanted to leave, she had wanted to “stay as long as possible”

22:21 , Ellie Harrison

Scarlette is the second celebrity to leave the jungle!

22:19 , Ellie Harrison

Uh oh, someone’s about to get evicted

22:12 , Ellie Harrison

Jill read out Matt’s letter from Gina: “Dear Matt, wow watching you in the jungle has been quite the experience. We are particularly impressed that you conquered your fear of snakes. We are less sure about the dancing. Although we saw that you almost got the electric slide thanks to Scarlette. Gina xxxxx”

22:11 , Ellie Harrison

OK. The tears are a-flowing. Especially from Seann

22:09 , Ellie Harrison

Boy George’s letter from his sister: “George, each night we watch with such anticipation to see how your journey is unfolding, it’s on a little late for mum so she watches on catch up in the mornings. We found it hilarious when you told all the camp about your weekly grooming routine and exposing Hamilton. We are all very much behind you, whatever the outcome, you are our George of the Jungle. All our love, Shiv, mum and all the family, God bless.”

22:09 , Ellie Harrison

It’s going to be an emotional rest of the episode. First those letters, then an elimination. Who’s going to go?!

22:00 , Ellie Harrison

They smashed that – everyone’s gonna have their letter read out tonight

21:55 , Ellie Harrison

After the ads, the celebrities are going to take turns reading out the letters from home to each other. There will be tears

21:43 , Ellie Harrison

The celebs are now being challenged to win letters from home... it’s gonna get tense!

21:36 , Ellie Harrison

10 stars for Jill and Mike! Woop! They’ve lost their appetite though

21:32 , Ellie Harrison

Hairs in a drink. Not what you want

21:25 , Ellie Harrison

Seeing a lot of this on Twitter:

21:23 , Ellie Harrison

Love Jill’s approach to the trial. A real sportswoman: “The group has picked me and Mike, hopefully we can be competitive, determined, resilient and try and bring back some stars so the group can eat well tonight.”

21:15 , Ellie Harrison

Not Matt Hancock talking about dyslexia

21:09 , Ellie Harrison

Seann had a fright when using the dunny in tonight’s episode (spider danger), but the good news is no one’s going home...

21:07 , Ellie Harrison

Votes are open for the public to choose who they want to save next

21:06 , Ellie Harrison

Here we go... Sunday night’s show has begun and it’s Jill and Mike’s turn to face a trial

The family’s here!

Friday 18 November 2022 22:44 , Nicole Vassell

Ahead of the eliminations to come, the celebrities’ loved ones have reached the outskirts of camp, ready to welcome them back to reality with open arms.

Who is Charlene White?

Friday 18 November 2022 22:37 , Nicole Vassell

Charlene’s out of the jungle now, but before you miss her too much, here’s your guide to the newsreader and Loose Women presenter.

Who is I’m a Celebrity contestant Charlene White?

Matt Hancock has survived the first public vote

Friday 18 November 2022 22:31 , Nicole Vassell

Though some may have expected the MP to be the first to head home, the former health secretary lives to survive another day in the jungle!

The prospect has surprised some on social media...

Charlene’s out!

Friday 18 November 2022 22:24 , Nicole Vassell

Charlene White is the first person to be eliminated from this year’s I’m a Celebrity after the public vote.

Charlene White becomes the first campmate to be eliminated from I’m a Celeb

Friday 18 November 2022 22:10 , Nicole Vassell

Very “last day at school” vibes right now, as the campmates enjoy their final night as a full group of 11.

Friday 18 November 2022 22:07 , Nicole Vassell

If there’s any quote to take away from tonight’s ep, it’s got to be Owen’s note about seeing Matt not washing his hands after handling the bird poo on his chair.

“‘Happy birthday twice’, he told me!” flashing back to the early pandemic advice of musical handwashing...

Friday 18 November 2022 22:04 , Nicole Vassell

Not long to wait before we find out this year’s first eliminated celebrity!

Here’s who might be at risk tonight, according to the odds:

The three I’m a Celebrity contestants who could be eliminated tonight

And the new camp leader is...

Friday 18 November 2022 22:00 , Nicole Vassell

...Mike Tindall! And he’s chosen Sue Cleaver as his deputy. As a result, they can’t lift a finger.

Here’s your guide to the new head of the camp:

Who is I’m a Celebrity contestant Mike Tindall?

Friday 18 November 2022 21:56 , Nicole Vassell

“I have been hating on you, I have to be honest” – Boy George to Matt Hancock. So frank!

Boy George and Matt Hancock: a showdown

Friday 18 November 2022 21:55 , Nicole Vassell

Say how you feel then, Boy George!

In a private moment with Seann, the Culture Club singer said of the MP: “Can’t stand Matt. I have tried to like him and I’ve failed. I find him slimy, I find him slippery. I find him just… I made a joke about chocolate. He just looked at me like… I wanted to say, ‘What are you looking at? Don’t you look at me like that.’”

Friday 18 November 2022 21:47 , Nicole Vassell

ARGH, Matt Hancock being strong and wrong about when the Walkman was invented.

Matt says it’s 1984... and Google says it’s 1979. Ouch. And the treat for the day is gone!

And RV-gate is explained!

Friday 18 November 2022 21:42 , Nicole Vassell

Charlene tells Sue that she can’t stay in the RV with Matt as it may impact her partiality as a journalist and newsreader.

Perhaps she has a point – once someone knows whether you snore or not, it may be hard to ask them hard-hitting questions about government policy in the future...

Friday 18 November 2022 21:30 , Nicole Vassell

Aww, that’s the spirit, campers! Everyone’s being very supportive to Charlene after the trial.

“We’ll make it work,” says Owen, while Sue says she wouldn’t have done any better.

Friday 18 November 2022 21:26 , Nicole Vassell

And there’s the phrase! Charlene’s said “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” and the Trial is over, with two stars collected.

Friday 18 November 2022 21:23 , Nicole Vassell

One star in the bag! Charlene is very scared, but Boy George is trying to encourage her with all the “babes” he can...