I’m a Celebrity - live: Sue Cleaver becomes third contestant to be eliminated from the show

The 2022 series of I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is in full flow and has seen the first two stars eliminated from the show.

This season has been one of the most headline-making in the programme’s history, with former health secretary Matt Hancock’s arrival leading to Boy George crying on camera about nearly losing his mother during the pandemic, and Charlene White schooling the politician over his decision to join the show.

On Friday 18 November, White became the first person to be eliminated following the public vote.

Presenter Scarlette Douglas was the second star to be booted off, on Sunday 20 November.

Following her eviction from the camp, she took the oppurtunity to address the awkward exchange between herself and Boy George.

Big moments from the 20th series have so far included Seann Walsh opening up about his Strictly cheating scandal to Corrie star Sue Cleaver, Hancock saying he’s looking for forgiveness, and former Rugby player Mike Tindall’s eyebrow-raising Princess Anne story.

Ex-footballer Jill Scott also got a cockroach stuck in her ear. “It’s in my brain!” she cried. Ouch.

Read updates on the latest jungle antics below...

22:31 , Louis Chilton

“I’ve had the ride of my life.”

A bit of background on Sue, now that she’s been sent packing:

Sue Cleaver: I’m a Celebrity 2022 contestant in profile

22:27 , Louis Chilton

Hancock, meanwhile, escapes the scythe once more.

“The weasel prevails,” I suppose.

22:25 , Louis Chilton

“She looks delighted to be out.”

She most certainly does...

22:23 , Louis Chilton

It’s Sue!

22:22 , Louis Chilton

Elimination time... who’s it gonna be?

22:15 , Louis Chilton

Bit harsh? Maybe.

(Anyone else remember Ricky Gervais & co slinging some pretty scathing insults at Moyles back in the XFM days?)

22:12 , Louis Chilton

The relief on their faces just then. Palpable.

22:06 , Louis Chilton

A clip from that last segment...

22:05 , Louis Chilton

One of those challenges that seems more fun to film than it is to watch, IMO

22:02 , Louis Chilton

Interesting points from Jill Scott on coming out as a woman’s footballer.

“I think in the men’s game, it’s so difficult. If you think about how much stick they get from the chants. It’s just not a safe environment where they feel safe enough to kind of do that. And that’s so sad.”

21:55 , Louis Chilton

Ah, the voice note debate.

Truly, one of the great discourses of our time...

21:54 , Louis Chilton

The vote’s still open! Who’s it gonna be?

Owen seems pretty safe at the moment.

21:47 , Louis Chilton

“How bad does this make me look now?”

Chris Moyles has been rather shown up, you’d have to admit.

21:46 , Louis Chilton

And he’s out! With a bag full of stars.

The crowd (Twitter) goes wild.

21:43 , Louis Chilton

Surrounded by snakes... and these ones didn’t even serve as health secretary!

21:41 , Louis Chilton

A good question! Reckon everyone’s just hyped about the Avatar sequel

21:38 , Louis Chilton

And he’s off! Pretty miserable work by the look of it.

21:32 , Louis Chilton

Not everyone’s thrilled with the idea of a return to the Boiling Point trial format.

21:30 , Louis Chilton

Owen getting some sage advice from Chris Moyles about the forthcoming trial.

21:27 , Louis Chilton

Matt Hancock botching the task of... cooking rice?

No words.

21:23 , Louis Chilton

Cute little joke about the World Cup from Ant and Dec there.

For anyone who missed the match:

England vs Iran result, final score and reaction from Group B opener

21:20 , Louis Chilton

And we’re off!

21:17 , Louis Chilton

Maybe five was optimistic...

Seems the post-match dissection of USA vs Wales had run over a smidge.

21:10 , Louis Chilton

Five minutes to go!

21:01 , Louis Chilton

Worth remembering that not everyone sees the funny side of I’m A Celeb’s bug-based trials...

Peta calls on ‘complicit’ Ant and Dec to resign from I’m a Celebrity

20:39 , Louis Chilton

Wonder if Jill Scott’s still having nightmares about this from the other day.

I know I am...

‘It’s in my brain’: Jill Scott gets cockroach stuck in her ear on I’m a Celebrity

20:20 , Louis Chilton

Just under an hour til game time...

20:00 , Louis Chilton

The latest odds on who’s going to win.

Reckon the bookies are calling this one right?

I’m a Celebrity winner odds: Owen Warner favourite to win 2022 series

19:40 , Louis Chilton

ITV currently showing USA vs Wales at the Qatar World Cup.

There’ll be some England fans watching this one closely – if they’re not boycotting, that is.

19:20 , Louis Chilton

How much are this year’s contestants getting paid?

Here’s what we know:

How much are I’m a Celebrity 2022 contestants getting paid?

19:00 , Louis Chilton

Jonathan Ross certainly isn’t mincing his words when it comes to Matt Hancock’s credentials.

“No, I wouldn’t [interview him]. He’s not a celebrity.”

“He’s a horrible human being and I cannot bear the way people take no responsibility for their actions.”


Jonathan Ross says he wouldn’t interview ‘horrible human being’ Matt Hancock

18:40 , Louis Chilton

Owen Warner’s under the bushtucker microscope this evening.

But who is he? Here’s a brief explainer:

Owen Warner: Hollyoaks actor and I’m a Celebrity contestant in profile

18:04 , Louis Chilton

In case you missed it earlier, here’s Scarlette Douglas reacting to that awkward exchange with Boy George after her departure...

I’m a Celebrity’s Scarlette Douglas explains Boy George confrontation

17:40 , Louis Chilton

Here’s a little preview:

17:11 , Louis Chilton

Tonight’s trial?

“Boiling Point: The Return.”

16:48 , Louis Chilton

A clip of Matt Hancock getting serious in last night’s episode...

16:10 , Louis Chilton

Who’s left I’m a Celebrity so far?

Here’s everything you need to know:

Who has left I’m a Celebrity 2022 so far?

15:38 , Louis Chilton

She will be missed...

14:45 , Louis Chilton

Guessing the campmates are pretty happy about the current World Cup scoreline.

14:15 , Louis Chilton

Seven hours left until tonight’s episode...

13:15 , Ellie Harrison

Here’s a recap on who’s been eliminated so far this series...

Who has left I’m a Celebrity 2022 so far?

13:00 , Ellie Harrison

Owen Warner has replaced Jill Scott as the favourite to win...

I’m a Celebrity odds: Owen Warner favourite to win 2022 series

12:45 , Ellie Harrison

Scarlette Douglas became the latest star to be eliminated in last night’s episode. Here’s what she’s said, since leaving, about that awkward Boy George conversation...

I’m a Celebrity’s Scarlette Douglas explains Boy George confrontation

12:25 , Ellie Harrison

Since Matt Hancock joined I’m a Celeb, many people have been pretty disappointed that he’s left his constituents in the lurch. So The Last Leg’s Adam Hills held a mock political surgery in Suffolk and was surprised at the results...

Adam Hills on ‘surprising’ response from Matt Hancock’s constituents to mock drop-in

12:12 , Ellie Harrison

Matt Hancock finally discussed dyslexia on I’m a Celeb last night, in the show’s final week, after initially saying that’s what he was going into the jungle to do...

Matt Hancock finally discusses dyslexia on I’m a Celeb