‘I’m so angry, so devastated’: Mae Martin pens emotional response to ‘deadly year for LGBTQ+ people’

Comedian and actor Mae Martin has shared their “anger” and “devastation” in a poignant message, condemning recent events that “dehumanise marginalised communities”.

Martin’s message comes shortly after a gunman opened fire at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub, killing five people and injuring 18 others on Sunday (20 November).

“I’m so angry, so devastated. False narratives, fear-mongering, ‘jokes’ that villainise and dehumanise marginalised communities, ‘playing devil’s advocate’ about people’s lives – these things have real-life consequences,” the 35-year-old Canadian native, who uses they/them pronouns, wrote on Instagram.

“In almost every interview I give, I’m asked about how amazing it is that we have more visibility and representation than ever before. And of course it’s great, and so important, but...” they continued before quoting author Jennifer Espinoza: “When a marginalised group is pushed into the spotlight, without further action taken towards protecting said group, awareness becomes not only an empty gesture, but a precursor towards increased violence and oppression.”

Martin listed “attacks on trans health care, anti-trans bills” and other anti-LGBT+ legislation, adding that this “has been a deadly year for lgbtq+ people”.

“I’m heartened by the solidarity in my community, our ability to be resilient. I am always disappointed by the awkward nervous silence of our allies,” the Feel Good star and creator wrote.

“With the abortion bans etc we’ve seen how tenuous progress is and how we still all have to fight for bodily autonomy and freedom. All these things are connected.”

Mae Martin (AFP via Getty Images)
Mae Martin (AFP via Getty Images)

Following a series of photos in solidarity with the trans community and an important list of helplines, they included a portrait of Daniel Davis Aston, one of the Colorado victims.

“He was murdered yesterday while bartending at Club Q,” Martin added.