Lyon-Marseille Game Abandoned After Dimitri Payet Struck by Bottle Thrown From Crowd

The Ligue 1 game between Lyon and Marseille was abandoned on Sunday, November 21, after Marseille’s Dimitri Payet was hit by a bottle thrown from the crowd minutes after kickoff.

Payet was hit on the head as he stepped up to take a corner. The referee halted the game and both teams were sent to their dressing rooms shortly after.

Both sets of players had been off the pitch for more than an hour before it was announced the match was to resume. The Lyon players returned to the field to warm up, but the Marseille players remained in their dressing room.

The game was officially abandoned almost two hours after kickoff, reports said.

It marks the second time this season that Payet has been struck by a bottle during a game. In August, Marseille’s game at Nice was abandoned when Payet, after being struck, threw a bottle back into the crowd, leading fans to storm the pitch. Credit: Robin Thivent via Storyful

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