Lynx Ditches New Year's 'Resolution' and Skips the Salad

The Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, New York, joked that a carnivorous Canada lynx was not living up to her New Year’s resolution to eat healthy greens. The veggie were actually given to her as an enrichment toy by a keeper on January 1.

The Buffalo Zoo shared this footage of Hazel the lynx inspecting a head of lettuce before deciding to cover it up with straw on New Year’s Day.

“How’s that ‘eating healthier’ resolution going?” the Buffalo Zoo quipped on Facebook.

The lettuce was given to Hazel as enrichment and is not part of the carnivorous cat’s diet, a zoo spokesperson told Storyful. Hazel and her sister Rosie came to the Buffalo Zoo in November of 2017 and live in the zoo’s Arctic Edge exhibit, according to the zoo. Credit: The Buffalo Zoo via Storyful