Luo Jin deletes posts about new drama for wife?

22 Nov – Luo Jin reportedly had blasted the marketing team of his new drama, "The Long River", for a gimmick video title that he didn't find funny at all.

According to tabloids, the team of the drama has been sharing several clips from the said drama since it aired in order to maintain its popularity on social media.

However, Luo Jin, who played the role of Emperor Kangxi in the series and who had been happily reposting such promotions, suddenly deleted all the news about the drama from his Weibo account.

He then posted, "There must be a degree to entertainment! Hit my bottom line! Hurt my family! I'm sorry, I won't play with you anymore."

While some were puzzled over the post, others pointed out that the actor's anger might have stemmed from the recent post, in which one of the entries read, "Luo Jin's new drama wife is ridiculed by the crowd".

Although it seemed that the title was about the queen character in the drama, some netizens reportedly misunderstood it to be about Luo's real-life wife, Tiffany Tang, and reportedly went to the actress' social media to harass her - sparking Luo's anger.

As of now, there are no posts about the drama on Luo's Weibo account except for old posts from before the drama was aired. The actor has also yet to explain the reason for his rant on social media.

The drama, which retells China's effort in controlling the Yellow River floods, has Luo playing the role of Emperor Kangxi.

The couple have been married since 2018
The couple have been married since 2018

(Photo Source: Tiffany Tang IG, China Press)