Indonesian actress Luna Maya confesses to loving smell of her own farts (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
Luna claimed it was no secret that everyone enjoys smelling their own ‘unique aromas.’ — Picture via Instagram

PETALING JAYA, May 21 — Soap opera actress Luna Maya is loud and proud about her love for smelling her own farts.

The Indonesian-Austrian beauty made the stinky confession on her YouTube channel last weekend during a question-and-answer session with fellow actor Boy William.

During the segment, Boy William was asked to make personal confessions by drawing slips of paper out of a cup.

In a soft voice, he shyly revealed that he liked the smell of his farts, causing Luna to break out into laughter and facepalm.

“I know that when I fart, I love it because if it’s my own fart, it’s really enjoyable for me to smell,” said Boy William.

Luna exclaimed loudly and replied with “Obviously! Everyone loves the smell of their own farts.”

The former catwalk model then mimed the action of letting one rip and sniffing it, causing both of them to break down into giggles.

The video has garnered over 580,000 views so far and Luna's fans have been praising her for creating wholesome content online during the ongoing partial lockdown in Indonesia due to Covid-19.

Luna, known for being a triple threat in Indonesian show business with her acting, singing, and modelling skills, has been using her time at home to post casual chit-chats with her celebrity friends regularly on her YouTube channel.

It’s not the first time she’s tackled the topic of flatulence in her videos either.

In a clip from March, the 36-year-old actress advised newly-minted couples to “hold in” their farts lest they get too comfortable around each other too quickly.



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