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'Lumps and crepey skin are gone': Gold Bond's anti-aging lotion is down to $11

This cream contains botanicals to protect skin from outside stressors and omega fatty acids to lock in hydration, making skin appear plumper.

Growing older gracefully is getting easier and easier. Of course, we already know that as we age, our skin starts to loosen and wrinkle and that some habits and helpers can stave off Father Time, at least in part. A healthy, hydrated lifestyle and tried-and-true anti-aging products can help us keep our confidence. One such staple: Amazon superstar Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector Body Lotion, which has all the ingredients you need to smooth out crinkly, crepey skin. It's on sale for just $11 now at Amazon.

This powerhouse cream contains seven moisturizers, three vitamins, omega fatty acids, antioxidants and botanicals. They infuse thin, dry skin with moisture that lasts a full 24 hours, users say. 

$11 at Amazon

It feels great to feel good in your skin, and this $11 cream could give you an extra boost of confidence as warmer temperatures bring more revealing clothing. The price rarely goes lower than this — and we don't expect the price to drop lower than this until temperatures do, too.

We evaluate skin-care products based on three main factors: quality ingredients, customer reviews and brand reputation. This Gold Bond crepe-correcting lotion has all of that in spades. Its ingredient list includes vitamin E to help prevent moisture loss, botanicals to protect skin from outside stressors and omega fatty acids to lock in hydration, making skin appear plumper. The lotion is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have left glowing reviews for the lotion, and it was even voted skin care's 2022 Product of the Year in a 40,000-person consumer survey by data group Kantar. Shoppers say this stuff does what it promises: firms up loose skin, diminishes crepiness and fine lines and hydrates the heck out of hands, arms, stomach, thighs — any part of your body that needs a little TLC.

Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector Body Lotion
This age-defying Gold Bond crepe-correcting cream is a fan favorite, and the low price is praise-worthy too. (Amazon)

Over 21,000 Amazon shoppers rave about this cream, giving it a coveted five-star rating.

Said one Amazon shopper: "I'm 70 years old, so flappy, lumpy and crepey skin under the upper arms is to be expected. I have not worn anything sleeveless in three years. I decided to give this a try only because I like Gold Bond Foot Cream, but I didn't think it would really work. Much to my surprise, after three days of using it three times a day, the lumps and crepey skin are gone! This is truly an amazing product!"

"This product delivers," reported another happy customer. "I had wrinkles on my neck before using this lotion. But now my 54-year-old neck looks smooth and hydrated."

This shopper agreed: "Really works and at a reasonable price. I had looked at Crepe Erase, but it was too expensive for me to even try, but Gold Bond for crepe works! And it stays working all day."

"As a person who has tried everything from the cheapest to the most expensive products ... there is something special about this stuff," said a fourth fan. "I used to have a multi-product routine, and it was getting so expensive. I cut out everything but this, and it's apparently all I need. It really does get rid of the crepey neck ... Try this if you want to save money — it works."

Some shoppers mention that this cream is thick, so if you prefer something more lightweight, it may not be for you. Most shoppers don't mind the consistency, though.

"Covers well, a little thick, but does help with the crepe skin," admitted one shopper.

"It goes on very thickly, which is great because it seems to keep my skin moisturized," said another buyer. "My only negative is that it is so thick that it gets used up pretty quickly."

This lotion promises to firm up loose skin, diminish crepes and fine lines, and hydrate the heck out of your hands, arms and thighs.

$11 at Amazon

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