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I have the Lululemon belt bag & new Everywhere Crossbody Bag — find out which one I like *significantly* more

Let me help you decide between the two: Here's my honest review.

melina wearing the everywhere crossbody bag, the everywhere belt bag on a leopard print blanket
Which do I prefer: the viral Everywhere Belt Bag or the new Everywhere Crossbody Bag? Check out my review. (Photos via Melina Brum)

For a moment in time, I put a pause on all my designer bags and was all like, "Belt bags rule, everything else drools," essentially. But now, with summer in full swing, I've been expanding my horizons back into the world of crossbody and shoulder bags. It's like Lululemon heard me when they released their new Everywhere Crossbody Bag — a.k.a. the Everywhere Belt Bag's new sibling — which is selling out fast. I immediately knew I had to put it to the test (yes, even at its steep $84 price point 😬).

Quick overview

So, if you're wondering whether or not you should add this to your collection of Lulu bags, I'm here to help you out as an honest Yahoo shopping editor. I've compared this new crossbody to my beloved belt bag, and there's a distinct winner, in my opinion. Curious to see which I prefer? Scroll below, friends.


This new bag is only available in black right now — but hurry, it's selling out fast!

  • Great organization
  • Multiple pockets + lots of space
  • Long strap
  • Durable material
  • Smooth zippers
  • On the pricier side
  • Tilts when full
  • Strap twists a lot
  • Heavy hardware
  • Not many colour options
$84 at Lululemon

🛍️ Details: Lululemon Everywhere Crossbody Bag review, pros and cons

Lululemon's belt bag did so well that they came out with a crossbody version, which is perfect for people who aren't too keen on fanny packs or sling bags. It has an adjustable, removable strap and much more room to spare.

The bag's dimensions are 7.7" x 3.1" x 5.3", with a two-litre volume. It seriously packs a punch, and the organization is top-notch — thanks to all its convenient pockets.

It has an exterior zippered pocket, a back slip pocket and interior pockets, too.

Right off the bat, I noticed that it fits a ton of stuff; however, when it's at full capacity, the bag does this thing where it flips upward and doesn't sit flat. After further inspection, I realized it's probably due to the strap fixtures not being perfectly centred.

While the strap is nice and long, I do find it twists a lot, and the hardware is quite heavy in comparison to the belt bag.

This new bag is only available in black right now — but hurry, it's selling out fast!

$84 at Lululemon

What others are saying

Since this bag is new, there aren't hundreds of reviews to back it — however, there's still a good amount to get an idea of what shoppers are thinking.

While this crossbody is bigger than the belt bag, one person said it's "too small" for them, and they'd prefer it to hold "3L or more."

Another reviewer claims it's "everything you need and more," stating they love the "size, the pockets and the length of the strap." They even went as far as saying it's "better than the Everywhere Belt Bag!"

"I wish it was just a little bigger," wrote another customer. They said it's "great for evenings out or vacation" but not "everyday" use.

"The strap ends up twisting a lot," said another person — which is something I also pointed out. They also noted that the "the metal zippers add weight to the bag," too.


This belt bag is available in various fun colours as well as mini and large sizes.

  • Long enough strap
  • Durable material
  • Smooth zipper
  • Comfortable around waist and slung across chest
  • Many colour options
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Not super spacious
  • Can get bulky
$44 at Lululemon

🛍️ Details: Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag review, pros and cons

The Everywhere Belt Bag has been super popular for a couple of years now after going viral on social media. IMO, it's what brought back the "fanny pack."

The bag's dimensions are 7.5" x 2" x 5", with a one-litre volume. It can hold everything you need and perhaps a little bit more.

I find it fits just enough for every day, but when I'm going on a day trip, I need a tad more space — which is when the large version comes in handy.

It has one zippered exterior pocket, which I appreciate for keeping my essentials separated — but I do wish there was a zippered interior pocket, too.

The strap (41.7 inches) is perfect for wearing across my chest or across my waist; I've personally never had an issue with it. However, there's also an extended strap version for those who wish to have more length.

This belt bag is available in various fun colours as well as mini and large sizes.

$44 at Lululemon

⭐ What others are saying

According to other Lululemon shoppers, this bag is "handy for everyday use."

"I like everything about this bag!" said one reviewer, adding that they "appreciate the extra compartment on the back."

Another person said they use it for all kinds of occasions, stating it's "super adjustable" and "worth every penny."

One customer pointed out that it's "especially useful on travel days" and that it "fits passports easily."

Someone said that "it's lightweight and has plenty of space!" They also stated that "it can stain[,] but nothing a good wash can't fix!" So, keep that in mind when purchasing lighter colours.

There are a couple of reviews that reported inaccurate colours compared to photos, and some people also noted a "faulty zipper" that seems to get stuck.

Both of these bags are good options, depending on what you're looking for in a bag. One big thing to note is the $40 price difference between the two, with the belt bag being the cheaper choice.

For me, I need a bag to feel comfortable; otherwise, I won't reach for it. My Everywhere Belt Bag has never failed me when it comes to comfort, and for that reason alone, I prefer it over the new crossbody Lululemon just released.

However, the new crossbody definitely has more room and opportunity for organization over the belt bag, so it's definitely worth the purchase if that's what you prioritize.

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