Luke Bryan slips on stage, jokingly threatens to sue fan: 'My lawyer will be calling'

Luke Bryan slips on stage, jokingly threatens to sue fan: 'My lawyer will be calling'

Bryan took his tumble in good spirits, borrowing a fan's phone to broadcast the moment during his concert.

Luke Bryan slipped onstage during a recent concert but it seemed he found the situation funnier than the fans who witnessed it firsthand.

Bryan was playing Vancouver's Coast City Country Festival on April 20 when he started hyping up the crowd...only to take a comical tumble.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Luke Bryan
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Luke Bryan

Bryan thought he had slipped on a fan's phone, which had somehow wound up on the stage. Holding up the phone, he asked the crowd, "Hold up! Did anybody get that?" The American Idol judge then tossed the phone back to the culprit.

"It's okay," he told the fan, jokingly adding, "My lawyer will be calling."

While Bryan thought he had slipped on the phone, according to TMZ, Bryan fell of his own accord, simply landing on the phone. Why a fan's cell made it onto the stage in the first place, however, is still a mystery.

Regardless of the reason for the trip, Bryan played it off with good humor. Grabbing another fan's phone, Bryan was eager to see the clip of his public eating-it, only to be horrified by what he found.

"Oh, you're Snapchatting, you can't Snapchat this s---," he said, before showing the crowd the footage, which was conveniently blown up on the big screen adorning the stage. He even provided his own narration.

"There I am, there we go, jumping, jumping, hyping the crowd..,there he is!" the country star exclaimed, throwing his hands up in triumph at his own clumsiness.

"Hey, I need some viral. This is viral, alright?" Bryan told the crowd. "Hashtag 'Love You, Miss You, Mean It,' " he added, referencing his latest single.

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