Luke Bryan Explains The Unusual Reason It Looks Like He’s Been ‘Smoking Pot’

Luke Bryan knows people think there’s something fishy going on when his eyes are all red on television.

The country singer and “American Idol” host explained the true cause of his suspicious appearance in an interview earlier this week.

“Just so we know ― if I do interviews and I look like I’ve been smoking pot, that’s not true. I’ve been catching bass,” he said laughing in an interview featured on Audacy’s “Totally Private” program on Tuesday.

The “Drunk On You” singer then detailed just how severe his allergy is.

“If I touch a bass, my eyes will get red, like, my hands will swell if I have to take the hook out,” he said, adding that if he knows he’s going fishing, he’ll take allergy medicine in the morning to “get in front of it.”

Bryan said that he “spent years not knowing” the cause of his allergies, explaining that he and his dad figured it was an allergy to something else.

“My dad would take me on these fishing trips and you know I’m in the back of the boat, like, wheezing,” he joked. “We just thought it was allergies, like the trees, but it’s actually touching the bass.”

His allergy clearly won’t change any of his hobbies, as the “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” recently went on a fishing-focused trip that he wants to go on again.

“I’ve done an Amazon peacock bass fishing trip. My children know that I’ve done it, and they want to go do it,” he said on Audacy’s “Rob + Holly” show back in January.

“I’ve still got bucket list stuff and places I want to go and see and travel. The main thing with me is a New Zealand Brown Trout fishing trip,” he added.