Luhansk Police Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Civilians

Police delivered humanitarian aid to civilians sheltering from the war in Lysychansk, in the Luhansk region of Ukraine.

A video released by the Luhansk Police force on June 3 showed men in uniforms with the insigna of the Ukrainian Special Police Battalion delivering food to civilians in apartments and outside buildings with signs labelled “asylum.”

In a comment accompanying the post, the police force said: “In Luhansk region, police do not stop their humanitarian mission. Every day, Luhansk Oblast police deliver food kits and fresh bread to residents of remote areas and Lysychansk bomb shelters,” according to a machine translation.

Luhansk police said many people remained in the city, including children and the elderly, “so the police travel to the city several times a day with humanitarian aid.”

Russian forces have been advancing towards Lysychansk, near Sievierodonetsk. Credit: Luhansk Region Police via Storyful

Video transcript


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