'Luggage in Limbo': Crews Work to Reunite Bags With Passengers Amid Flight Disruption

Winter weather and staffing shortages due to COVID have hit air travel this holiday season. A local reporter at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport showed one of the results – piles of bags waiting to be reunited with their owners.

Journalist Jonathan Choe (@choeshow) posted this video showing the scene at the airport’s baggage claim area to Twitter. He said, “In many cases, the bags got sent on connecting flights, but the passengers didn’t make it in time.”

That evening, Fox 13 reported that over 200 flights were cancelled at the airport in the 24 hours prior.

The airport tweeted that staffing challenges and winter weather were causing airlines to struggle, describing the situation as “incredibly trying times.”

Over 700 blankets were handed out to passengers who had long waits for their postponed flights. Credit: @choeshow via Storyful

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