Lufthansa heads off new strike by pilots

STORY: Lufthansa has headed off a new strike by pilots.

The German airline made a fresh wage offer Tuesday (September 6) to end an escalating dispute.

Pilots of passenger planes at the carrier were due to walk out on Wednesday (September 7) and Thursday (September 8).

Cargo pilots were set to stop work from Wednesday through Friday (September 9).

Among other demands, unions wanted a pay rise of 8.2% for next year in response to soaring inflation.

Now negotiators say a comprehensive package will be worked out over the coming days.

There were no details on the exact deal.

Earlier this week, Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr said the airline planned to hire some 20,000 new staff.

The air travel industry is ramping up again after a slump in demand during the global health crisis.

Lufthansa shares rose over 2% following news of the wage deal.