What Is Your Lucky Colour Accroding To Numerology?

lucky colour numerology
lucky colour numerology

Besides appeasing your senses, colours play a vital role in changing the trajectory of your life. Whether it’s marriage, social standing, financial prosperity or mental well-being, lucky colours can overturn your fortune in many ways, which is why they’re of utmost importance in numerology. Colour therapy and numerology, when combined, can give you valuable insights into your personality. It can help you take important life decisions more effectively. Wondering what’s your lucky colour based on numerology? Read on! Colours influence you in ways unimaginable, affecting everything from your personality, mood to interactions with others. Each colour has specific qualities and attributes in numerology. Therefore, ensuring you’re flaunting the right shade based on your lucky number is essential. You can calculate your lucky or life path number with effortless steps.

How to calculate your lucky number in numerology?

lucky colour numerology
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To calculate your life path number or lucky number, you must reduce each component in your birthdate to a single number and add them up. For example, if your birthdate is 26.04.1998, you must add 2+6 to get 8, leave 4 since it’s already single, and reduce 1998 to 1+9+9+8 = 27. Since 27 is double-digit, we will add 2 and 7 to get 9.

Now that you have all the singular components, 8, 4 and 9, we will add all three, which gives us 21. The last step would be simplifying this double-digit number, 2+1, which equals 3. Therefore 3 would be the life path or lucky number.

If you’ve calculated your lucky number, let’s give you all the details about which colours correspond with your number so that you generously include them in your everyday life and reap benefits. There are multiple ways to incorporate your lucky colour based on numerology. It can be a part of the food you eat, clothes/accessories you adorn or statement pieces you decorate your home with. So, let’s get you started!


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1 /9

Numerology number 1 - orange or red

People having lucky number 1 are ruled by the planet Sun. Like the powerful presence of the Sun, people in this category like to be authoritative and lead from the front. They’re mature, self-aware, and take wise decisions in life.

The bright and vibrant orange colour is associated with confidence, enthusiasm and optimism. Wearing the colour helps people become more outgoing and builds a positive aura. Red is another energising colour, which screams passion and confidence. It has a range of symbolic meanings, from life, health, vigour and war to courage, anger and love. The colour further heightens the qualities of this numerology number, evoking feelings of happiness and energy.

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2 /9

Numerology number 2 - blue or white

Like their ruling planet moon, people with path number 2 ooze a relaxing aura and embody peace and tranquillity. Because of their extraordinarily caring and highly emotional nature, they bond well with their family, friends, and partner. They’re perfectionists who like everything well managed and decluttered, whether with their relationships or professional life.

Falling in liaison with their personality is the colour white, which symbolises peace and purity in the best way. It not only purifies the thoughts and helps alleviate emotional setbacks but acts as a protector, restorer, and encourager.

If you’ve basked in the beauty of scenic blue oceans and the skies, you know the colour best represents peace, tranquillity, calmness, and serenity. Blue has a soothing effect on the body and mind, often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Therefore, this non-threatening colour is favoured by many.

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3 /9

Numerology number 3 - yellow

Guided by Jupiter, folks belonging to numerology number 3 are very talented, always striving to do something extraordinary in their field. Often hailed as ‘problem solvers’, these people are innovative in their thought process, intellectual and wise in their dealings. They’re extremely helpful and selfless in nature and inspire others through their work.

The colour of sunshine, optimism and cheerfulness, yellow evokes a sense of happiness on mellow days. The colour boosts the creative juices of people belonging to this numerology category, further imparting knowledge and wisdom to them. The bright yellow hues promote activity and interaction, while also making the person more alert and energised by stimulating the brain. Overall, it sparks creative thoughts, which is very essential for this number.

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4 /9

Numerology number 4 - grey

Stable, confident, and solid describes people having 4 as their numerology number. They are rational, sensible and pragmatic beings who are great orators and communicators. They also strike the perfect balance between adhering to traditional values and embracing modern practices, living a wholesome life. The only flipside to their personality is their lack of willingness to change, making them lose out on opportunities that could be very lucrative for their growth.

Being a mixture of black and white, grey offers the best of both worlds. It avoids attention due to its muted shade but is incredibly stable, calming and grounding. The colour has soothing properties that nourish the mind, clarify thoughts, and improve decision-making. In addition, this colour’s neutrality and balance help relieve stress. Dark grey echoes similar characteristics. However, its gloomy hues can be depressing for many, so one should opt for lighter shades in the palette.

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5 /9

Numerology number 5 - green

This number is ruled by Mercury, representing all charismatic and beautiful things. Number 5 personalities are usually fun-loving and cheerful, which makes them the best company to spend time with. In addition to their amiable persona, these people are witty, intelligent, and great communicators who love to embark on new adventures and travel the globe. They’re also the most romantic and passionate among all the other numbers.

Their lucky colour, green, is associated with rebirth, growth, and fertility, helping people feel secure and rested. Its strong associations with nature induce a refreshing and relaxed feeling, enhancing creativity. It positively affects relationships and physical health, apart from attracting wealth and prosperity. Lastly, it promotes endurance and generosity and gives a feeling of safety.

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6 /9

Numerology number 6 - indigo

Ruled by planet Venus, number 6 folks are devoted lovers who go to any length to ensure their partner is happy and content. In addition, they have a very charming persona and quickly draw attention in a social circle. The presence of Venus also makes these people extraordinarily passionate and driven towards their goals. Their superior creative talent also helps them get recognition in art and cinema. However, their enthusiastic persona also makes them vulnerable, with people often taking undue advantage of their goodwill.

Indigo is the perfect colour for imparting wisdom, a sense of self and integrity. The beautiful blend of blue and violet is a powerful colour that instils tranquillity and harmony in times of stress. It also enhances creative vision by stimulating the brain, helping people attune better with themselves and those around them.

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7 /9

Numerology number 7- smokey brown

If you’ve come across people who’re highly inquisitive, analytical, and often critical about things, they likely belong to the number 7 category. Governed by Neptune, this number is considered lucky in numerology and best describes intellectuals, deep thinkers, and scholars. These people usually stay in their shells, and it isn’t easy to know their true feelings. They ponder upon little things for a long time and quickly lose their patience. Lastly, they’re great lovers who make for very caring and selfless partners, giving their better half the utmost respect and space in a relationship.

Due to its earthy and solid tones, the deep brown colour is associated with resilience, stability, strength, and dependability. Brown has become a symbol for all things natural, simple, and healthy over the years. It fosters mental healing, keeps one grounded and makes them resilient. It’s especially beneficial for people with path number 7, helping with self-control.

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8 /9

Numerology number 8 - black or dark blue

Natural leaders with excellent management skills, people with the lucky number 8 are always on top of their game regarding financial or business matters. They’re usually witty and understand the material world’s nuances, making them highly successful in professional endeavours. Gaining power and authority is the driving force of this number, and they’re very adaptable and prudent at every step.

However, their keen sense of self-righteousness, authority and extremely career-driven nature makes it hard for people to befriend and connect with them. Therefore relationships aren’t their strong suit.

The number’s lucky black colour represents many sentiments, lending an air of intelligence and authority to those who flaunt it. Black screams elegance and sophistication and intimidates others with its powerful aura. However, the colour also absorbs harmful and overpowering energies, creating a neutrality that is calming in times of stress.

Dark blue also echoes similar traits of power and authority as black, representing knowledge and integrity. In addition, it calls to mind feelings of calmness and relaxation, something number 8 needs in their never-ending quest to achieve success.

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9 /9

Numerology number 9 - red

Ending the list is number 9, representing honest, sincere people who hate deception and showing off. They are popular among their friends and families and make a great impression on new individuals. They strive to make a difference with whatever they undertake and are always on the quest to attain both external and internal peace. Since 9 is the last single-digit number with the highest value, it also signifies endings and new beginnings. Hence, people falling in this category have the potential to be creative or destructive.

Red is closely linked with passion, representing this sign’s sensual and affectionate side. The intimidating and never-boring colour radiates powerful energy that motivates one to act. It acts as a cautionary signal to safeguard from harm while offering a healthy dose of optimism in distressful times. Red will help this number in opening about matters of the heart and balancing the intense/overpowering emotions.

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