Lu Chen finds new love with heiress

Lu Chen finds new love with heiress

10 Nov – If there is one thing Taiwanese renowned illusionist, Lu Chen cannot do, it is to make scandals disappear.

According to Asianpopnews, the magician, who was recently criticised for his uninspiring performance at the Golden Bell Awards, was reportedly seeing another woman behind his ex-girlfriend's back.

36-year-old Lu Chen reportedly broke off with Hong Kong model-singer Renee Lee in July this year. However, it was revealed that two months before the reported breakup, the magician was already in a relationship with a model, Ariel Bo.

Photos of Lu Chen and Ariel together were uploaded in April and were found on Ariel's Weibo. At that time, Lu Chen had not broken off with Renee and the latter also brought her family to watch Lu Chen's magic show.

On 6 November, Lu Chen was photographed with the mainland model having dinner at a hotel with other friends before proceeding to a coffee house.

The illusionist was then spotted driving Ariel Bo and entering a luxurious apartment together, sparking rumours that the two are currently staying together.

It was revealed that the model, who is ten years younger than Lu Chen, is a member of a pop group called Up Girls. Ariel also comes from a wealthy background, being the heiress to Family Li Imperial Cuisine - a famous restaurant chain that offers imperial dishes from the Qing dynasty, which has served well-known celebrities, businessmen and politicians, including Bill Gates and Muhammad Ali.

When asked about the rumour, Renee Lee only commented, "He has nothing to do me now."

The singer also stated, "My friends had warned before. They heard that he [Lu Chen] was very flirtatious. But love is blind, so I chose to believe him at that time. I will be wary of people the next time and will find a boyfriend who can give me security. I will be happy and I hope that he will treat that girl well too."