Love, Victor explains hopes for more Love, Simon cameos in season 2

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Love, Victor season one spoilers follow.

Love, Victor co-executive producer Brian Tanen has opened up to Digital Spy about the show's connections to its predecessor Love, Simon.

The Hulu show tells the coming out story of Creekwood High School's newest transfer student Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), with narration from the original film's title character Simon (Nick Robinson).

When we recently chatted with Brian Tanen, he exclusively revealed how Nick Robinson agreed to narrate the show and even return for a cameo in the eighth episode.

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"So, the idea to make Simon the narrator of the show was something that [creators[ Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger had come up with prior to when I came on," he explained. "And when they pitched me this idea, I thought it was great.

"It's this wonderful connective tissue that connects you to the film, but also it speaks to this idea that I know so many LGBT young people experience, which is that the people who have gone through this struggle before – quote, 'gay elders' – can be incredibly helpful along the way on your journey."

The writer then noted: "You feel like there isn't anyone around you who you can talk to. But then there are these people who have gone through this journey, and you're standing on the shoulders of gay elders. It was an experience that a lot of us spoke to, and found helpful in our journeys in coming out.

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"So, it was nice to have Simon be that person for Victor. And then it was always on our wish list to have Nick Robinson actually appear in the series. We were really blessed and fortunate that he was able to do that for that episode."

Simon isn't the only cameo from the original film — Natasha Rothwell also turns up in the pilot, with her character Ms. Albright having been promoted from drama teacher to vice-principal.

Tanen is hopeful more characters from Love, Simon will turn up throughout the course of Victor's story as well.

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"Our wish list is: yes, to continue seeing characters from the film," he said. "These are actors in demand, and so you never quite know what’s going to be possible. But we are optimistic, and we love the idea of seeing more — especially the teenagers. It's just so wonderful to think about them out there, living their post-high school lives, seeing what they’re doing, and seeing what relationships they’re in.

"I think that the more representation we can have of queer characters living their lives and having great lives, is just such a nice thing to see."

Love, Victor season one is now available to watch in the US on Hulu. A UK broadcaster is yet to be announced.

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