Love Island's Leanne breaks it off with Mike and fans aren't happy

Simone Williams
Photo credit: ITV

From Cosmopolitan

Mike has been left out in the cold after Leanne laid out her lack of feelings for him on tonight's Love Island – and Twitter is pretty clearly #TeamMike.

While the couple had been experiencing a rough patch, with fans complaining about Leanne's behaviour toward Mike, tonight sealed the deal, with Leanne confirming that Mike had indeed given her "the ick."

With wing women Siânisse and Jess anxiously watching on, Leanne came clean to Mike, saying that she had given the relationship time, but had to admit defeat and that it was "not bangin'."

However, a visibly shattered Mike did put up a fight, insisting that Leanne had led him on and not disclosed her true feelings early on. He wanted clarity, he insisted, and Twitter mostly agreed.

But in a sneak peek at tomorrow night's episode, it looks like Mike is quickly making moves and trying to form a connection with Sophie. Looks like his heart might be on the mend sooner than we think!

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